What is The Root of Recovery?


The Root of Recovery is not a healing center. It is a program that works with reputable wellness centers with successful track records in healing the gamet of physical, mental and emotional conditions. This program attempts to integrate Traditional Amazonian Plant Medicines with Holistic Alternative Treatments that unite mind, body and spirit. We strive to serve the addiction recovery community, as well as those who struggle with mental and emotional health.

We are an approach that is focuses on bringing about long-lasting transformation. The master plant diet immerses one into an experience that challenges the mind, body and spirit and can lead to profound insights that are actionable.

The healing program takes place under the guidance of only reputable healers, like the staff and community at the Nihue Rao Healing Center and the Aya Madre Healing Center. The goal is to process together, supporting and holding each other up. A staff of skilled facilitators work hand in hand with senior shamanic practitioners to ensure the experience is safe, professional and properly integrated. It is our goal to assist all guests in achieving their health objectives in a manner that is holistic, safe, professional, compassionate and useful.

Natural Remedies. This program is dedicated to working with only natural foods, plants and remedies. The use of prescription medications is prohibited during the program. We believe the body and mind can innately heal and normalize with proper diet and lifestyle adjustments.

Emotional Body. Conventional approaches to health ignore spiritual aspects of healing. This program helps to clear the emotional body and create a pathway for longer term recovery and wellness.

Integration. Integration is a key component of this work. It is important to process the experiences of the plant diet in a safe and supportive environment. When individuals come to heal together, greater collective understanding is enhanced and miracles begin to happen.

New Skills and Techniques. What happens after a client completes the 10 day program is critical. We emphasize the adoption of certain practices and techniques that can help maintain newly found pathways to health.


About The Root of Recovery Retreat

Effects on Overall Well-Being

Working with traditional plant medicines and alternative therapies bring significant benefit to our state of well-being. Increased feelings of joy and enthusiasm for the present moment and hope for the future are common changes after one has done this work. It is through honest self-reflection that we gain conscious insights and more optimistic perspectives on our lives.

Effects on Depression and Anxiety

More evidence is demonstrating that working with traditional medicinal plants in a controlled and structured manner can have a quick and lasting positive effect on people who suffer from depression and anxiety. The biochemical makeup of certain plant compounds are seen to regulate mood in the same way that commercial anti-depressants attempt to do, however, much more swiftly. Though these plant treatments can jumpstart the process, the ROR program emphasizes the importance of continued self-awareness and maintenance over time to ensure sustained positive changes.

Effects on Addiction and Habitual Behavior

Under the proper psychotherapeutic setting, the treatment of addiction with traditional amazonian plant medicines has resulted in positive changes in behavior and lifestyle. The balancing and creation of new neurotransmitters can lead to psychological insights and the resolution of repressed trauma. Qualified practitioners with first-hand experience in using medicinal plants to treat acute addiction (cocaine, heroin and alcohol) allow ROR to offer a unique opportunity for clients who are in recovery.

Centering Mind, Body & Spirit

Approaching healing holistically requires we consider emotional and mental conditions in relation to the physical symptoms. With this approach, the idea of balance, stability and centering are central to the healing process and longer term health.

The plant dieta, along with controlled and ceremonial use of medicinal plants, leads to a rebalancing and a shift in perspective. The restrictions of the diet can be a difficult, however, it allows for physical and energetic cleansing that creates the space for deeper healing. The challenge lies in sustaining long-lasting positive changes.

Supporting integrated techniques (in this case, yogic breath work, meditation and sound therapy) can help not only prepare to work with the plants, but also help to guide the process of emotional realization and release. When adhered to with an on-going dedicated practice, these techniques create new behaviors that help re-program the nervous system and propel one towards a sustained and healthier balance.

But we cannot do it alone. This process is enhanced when there is support from a community that is healing together. Self-observation is powerful. And when we can not only look at ourselves but are allowed to be a part of someone else’s healing, the magic happens. The group integration from a psycho-spiritual lens provides a unique sounding board to help process the work and propel you forward.

This 10 Day Plant Diet retreat is designed to open one up to the world of plant medicine and energetic healing. Over the course of the retreat, we will dive into new terrain that can lead toward self-realization, self-empowerment and sustained transformation.


Origins of the program. Kenyatta Bell is the Director of Healing Arts at Holistix Treatment Center and The Detox Center in South Florida, where he oversees alternative treatments for people struggling with substance addiction. He is a sound healer, certified kundalini yoga teacher and reiki practitioner who leads group and private client sessions supporting clinical and 12 Step work. Kenyatta has worked with Amazonian plant medicine since 2012 and with traditional plant remedies of the Latin-Caribbean region since 2005.

The vision for this program was birthed to help all people who might benefit from healing emotional and mental traumas - it is not just for people who are in recovery. The idea is to provide access to places of healing that cannot be reached through conventional medicine or therapy.

Traditional Amazonian Plant Medicine, when properly administered through the hands of experienced practitioners in a safe and controlled setting, can facilitate healing in the most profound way. The Root of Recovery program is still in its infancy but looks forward to helping those interested in a natural approach to physical, mental and emotional health.