Holistic Healing

The Root of Recovery is an alternative approach that utilizes holistic methods to heal trauma, promote wellness and break the patterns of habitual behavior. Yogic breath work, meditation, sound therapy and traditional plant medicine are reinforced with psycho-spiritual counseling during short or extended-stay retreats that take place at various partner centers in Peru. All are welcome to join us on in this work, however, we encourage only those who are seeking true healing for conditions like Anxiety, Depression, Addiction, PTSD, and other physical and emotional trauma.

This program provides a place for holistic healing that is safe, professional, compassionate and useful for all of our clients. For those who are dealing with the disease of Addiction, we require the body to be clean of any and all toxic substances.


An Alternate Approach

The Root of Recovery model is unique in that integrates Traditional Amazonian Plant Medicine with Holistic Alternative Treatments, underpinned with structured psycho-spiritual counseling.

Each element plays a significant role and has a profound effect on the experience. We place emphasis on our holistic and integration tools as these techniques will be most useful post-retreat.

By guiding our clients on how to integrate their experiences and cope with life’s challenges in new holistic ways, we help clients reinforce their learnings upon returning back from the jungle.


Aya Madre Retreat in Iquitos

10-30-90 Day Retreats - August to December

These will be intensive master plant diets under the supervision of Shipibo Maestra Estela Pangoza at Aya Madre Healing Center. Two Ayahuasca ceremonies and one Huachuma (San Pedro) ceremony per week. Yogic breath work, sound and meditation workshops will be offered by addiction counselor, Kenyatta Bell. Group integration will follow each ceremony. One-on-one psycho-spiritual counseling will be available to those who prefer to process privately.

Retreat Program

The Plant Diet Retreat includes:

  • Daily plant medicine preparations and dosing

  • Two Ayahuasca ceremonies per week

  • One San Pedro ceremony per week

  • Daily Floral Vapor Baths to cleanse energy

  • Sound healing sessions

  • Yogic Breath Work & Meditation sessions

  • Group integration and sharing circles

  • Education on ayahuasca and medicinal plants

  • Re-integration workshop and practices

Private and Additional Services:

  • Private Sound Healing Sessions

  • Private Consultation

  • Energetic Body Work & Massage

  • Jungle Tour

  • Eco-tours into the Amazon (day trips only)