Holistic Recovery

Alternative treatments for Addiction: Plants, Yogic Breath Work, Meditation and Sound.


Plant + Holistic Medicine

This program offers an alternative to conventional treatment of trauma, addiction, depression and other emotional / physical conditions. An unconventional approach, the program focuses on traditional holistic medicines that empower people towards healing and the root of their own recovery.


Healing with the Plants

A journey of self-exploration that combines medicinal plants, breathing work, meditation, sound and integrative group work.




The Root of Recovery is not a healing center. It is a program that works with reputable wellness centers with successful track records in healing the gamet of physical, mental and emotional conditions. This program attempts to integrate traditional plant medicines with holistic alternative treatments that unite mind, body and spirit. We strive to serve the addiction recovery community, as well as those who struggle with mental and emotional health.


Nature Heals

When immersed and grounded in the vibration of the earth, deeper levels of healing are reached.

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