Yoga & Breath work

Preparing the mind and body for the work.

This retreat requires connection. Connecting to our master plant, connecting to our surroundings and connecting to higher self.

We begin to connect by learning to control our breath. Through Pranayama breath work we calm the nervous and endocrine systems, allowing the mind to open and receive information without resistance.

These breathing techniques will not only help to navigate the experiences during the retreat, but will become tools that can be used going forward.


Morning Sadhana


This morning practice is optional, however, one of the most powerful ways to prepare for the day is to align the energies in the body.

This practice will be broken into two parts. The first half will offer light body movement and breath work to charge the body. The second part of the practice will be dedicated to meditation and the practice of focusing the mind.

This practice will be an excellent opportunity to set intentions and connect with our master plants.



We must first quiet the mind to hear the plants.

The master plants speak to us through dream and in ceremony. We can only receive their communication when we have allowed ourselves to strip away random thought and outside stimulus. Once we allow ourselves to become sensitive to the the subtleties of the environment, their messages are heard.


Allowing sound and vibration to support the journey


Therapeutic Sound

Sound and Vibration will support the work.

Sound healing sessions will play is a supporting role in this Master Plant Dieta. These sessions will not only prepare the mind and body for the work, but will also help to integrate all experiences during the retreat. Guests will take part in the group sound healing workshops prior to each ceremony. These sound sessions will bathe the body in high-vibrational frequencies from crystal singing bowls. Crystalline sound ushers the brain into theta wave frequencies which are associated with deep meditation and profound healing. Private sessions will also be available for guests to schedule